Dog Haus Happy Hour Times & Menu 2024


Delight in the irresistible appeal of Dog Haus’ Happy Hour, where exquisite gastronomy mingles with homely comfort.


This renowned establishment, lauded nationwide for its delectable offerings, tantalizes taste buds with its signature All Beef Haus Dogs and meticulously handcrafted Haus Sausages.

And it doesn’t end there; their fare boasts ethically sourced, hormone-free Black Angus beef from the esteemed Creekstone Farms, confirming their steadfast commitment to superior quality.

Served on toasty King’s Hawaiian rolls and adorned with an exciting medley of unique toppings, these culinary delights turn any hour into happy hour.

Let this guide take you on a journey through the magic of Dog Haus’ Happy Hour times, unlocking the secret to transforming ordinary afternoons into memorable experiences.

In an age where food experiences matter, this informative expose underscores the significance of the Happy Hour, blending expertise, utility, and pure joy for gastronomes around the world.

Dog Haus Happy Hour Times In 2024

Feast your senses at Dog Haus, the epitome of culinary delight, during its Happy Hour times. It’s a time to indulge in ethically sourced, sumptuous Black Angus beef and unique sausage offerings.

On Sundays, find bliss between 3 pm and 11 pm. From Monday to Friday, the joyous hours stretch from 3 pm to 6 pm. Regrettably, Saturday misses out on the merriment.

Elevate your experience with Dog Haus’ Happy Hour, a perfect blend of premium taste and superb timing.

Happy Hour DaysHappy Hour Times
Sunday3 pm to 11 pm
Monday3 pm to 6 pm
Tuesday3 pm to 6 pm
Wednesday3 pm to 6 pm
Thursday3 pm to 6 pm
Friday3 pm to 6 pm

Dog Haus Happy Hour Menu In 2024

Lose yourself in the magic of the Dog Haus Happy Hour menu. Offering ‘This Burger’, ‘That Burger’, succulent ‘Sliced Sausage’, ‘Fries’, and ‘Tots’ – the menu ignites culinary excitement. Pair these delights with ‘Haus Cocktails’, ‘PBR 16oz Cans’, ‘Draft Beer’, or ‘Wine’ to complete the epicurean journey. Find this extraordinary pleasure from Sunday to Friday, with price points between $2 to $6. Experience the joy of palate-pleasing excellence at Dog Haus.

Happy Hour DayHappy Hour Menu ItemsAverage Price
SundayFood: This Burger, Fries, Sliced Sausage, That Burger, and Tots. Drinks: Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz Cans, Draft Beer & Wine$2 to $6
MondayFood: This Burger, Fries, Sliced Sausage, That Burger, and Tots. Drinks: Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz Cans, Draft Beer & Wine$2 to $6
TuesdayFood: This Burger, Fries, Sliced Sausage, That Burger, and Tots. Drinks: Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz Cans, Draft Beer & Wine$2 to $6
WednesdayFood: This Burger, Fries, Sliced Sausage, That Burger, and Tots. Drinks: Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz Cans, Draft Beer & Wine$2 to $6
ThursdayFood: This Burger, Fries, Sliced Sausage, That Burger, and Tots. Drinks: Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz Cans, Draft Beer & Wine$2 to $6
FridayFood: This Burger, Fries, Sliced Sausage, That Burger, and Tots. Drinks: Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz Cans, Draft Beer & Wine$2 to $6
Food ItemAverage Price
This Burger$5
That Burger$4
Sliced Sausage$3
DrinksAverage Price
Draft Beer & Wine$2 Off
Haus Cocktails$2 Off
PBR 16oz Cans$3.00

Dog Haus Hours Of Operation

Enthralling food lovers across the country, Dog Haus operates within a well-defined window of time, offering culinary indulgence to early risers and night owls alike. Although operating hours may differ depending on the location, a general outline offers a useful guide.

DayOperating Hours
Sunday9 AM–10 PM
Monday9 AM–10 PM
Tuesday9 AM–10 PM
Wednesday9 AM–10 PM
Thursday9 AM–10 PM
Friday9 AM–12 AM
Saturday9 AM–12 AM

From Sunday to Thursday, the welcoming ambiance of Dog Haus awaits patrons from 9 AM to 10 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, the lights stay on a little longer, up to the stroke of midnight, making room for those who prefer the charm of dining late.

This schedule ensures that every customer, no matter their routine, can access Dog Haus’ impeccable service and mouthwatering menu items, punctuating their day with an exquisite food experience.

Navigate the world of Dog Haus at your convenience, assured of the high-quality service synonymous with this esteemed establishment.

History Of Dog Haus

Dog Haus, a culinary haven for connoisseurs of premium hot dogs and sausages, has been transforming the casual dining scene since 2010.

Co-founders Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz, and Andre Vener conceived a brand that emphasized ‘Craft Casual’, giving quality ingredients and a superior dining experience precedence over speedy service.

At the heart of Dog Haus is its exceptional menu, curated by renowned Würstmacher Adam Gertler, a testament to the skill and creativity of its culinary team.

From handcrafted sausages to Haus Dogs boasting Black Angus beef, every offering is a delightful medley of flavors, ensuring a culinary experience like no other.

Besides focusing on taste, Dog Haus’s commitment to quality extends to choosing humanely raised meat and offering plant-based proteins.

The brand’s journey of expansion commenced soon after its inaugural opening, and today it enjoys a footprint extending over 50 locations, with several more on the horizon.

This expansion has been fueled by unique flavor profiles, unwavering commitment to quality, and stellar customer service, attributes that have helped amass a devoted customer base. In the Dog Haus work environment, a team-oriented culture fosters growth.

The company’s values extend beyond corporate success, reflecting a deep commitment to community contribution and employee satisfaction, making Dog Haus a leader in not just the culinary world, but also as a valued community member.

FAQs On Dog Haus Happy Hour Times

1. What unique offerings can customers expect during the Happy Hours at Dog Haus?

During Happy Hours, guests can indulge in signature burgers like “This Burger” and “That Burger”, handcrafted sausages, and crispy tots or fries. To quench your thirst, a range of Haus Cocktails, PBR 16oz cans, draft beers, and wines are offered at discounted prices.

2. What is the price range for food and drinks during the Happy Hours?

The prices during Happy Hours are extremely wallet-friendly. Guests can enjoy a selection of food and drink offerings, from a minimal $2 to a maximum of $6, making it an appealing choice for quality dining.

3. Are Happy Hours available every day of the week?

Yes, Dog Haus offers Happy Hours every day, including weekends. This ensures that all customers, irrespective of their schedule, can take advantage of these cost-effective, quality dining options.

4. Is there a variation in the Happy Hour menu across different days at Dog Haus?

At Dog Haus, consistency is key. They maintain the same high-quality offerings from Sunday to Friday, ensuring guests can enjoy their favorite dishes and drinks any day they choose.

5. What time does the Happy Hour start and end?

Dog Haus has designated the period between 3 PM and 6 PM as Happy Hours. This optimal time slot allows both early diners and late lunchers to benefit from the reduced prices and extensive menu options.

In A Nutshell

When it comes to crafting a satisfying culinary experience that offers both quality and value, the Dog Haus Happy Hour 2024 undoubtedly leads the pack.

With an ethos centered around ‘Craft Casual’, this happy hour is not just about fast service but rather a balanced blend of impeccable ingredients, superb flavor profiles, and an unrivaled dining environment.

It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to transforming traditional fast-casual dining into an experience that caters to the evolving preferences of today’s discerning diners.

It’s a celebration of superior customer service, delectable cuisine, and of course, a warm, welcoming ambiance. It’s the promise of a unique dining experience, every day, at each of their locations.

Whether you are a long-time fan or a first-time visitor, the happy hour at Dog Haus offers a memorable dining experience that will undoubtedly keep you coming back for more.

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