Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Times & Menu 2024


Cruising the vibrant culinary landscape of the United States, one name stands out for those in pursuit of premium steaks and exceptional hospitality at Ruth’s Chris.


Known coast-to-coast for its unparalleled meat delicacies, Ruth’s Chris has cultivated a reputation through meticulous culinary training and rigorous hospitality standards.

It’s not merely a restaurant; it’s a unique experience, perfected over decades, and reflected in the craftsmanship behind each dish. Yet, it’s the Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour that beckons steak enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

A rare concoction of affordability and luxury, it fuses the restaurant’s distinguished tradition with the relaxed ambiance of a top-tier bar experience.

Within this harmonious blend lies the invitation to indulge, to partake in a feast celebrated nationwide, where quality never compromises with the joyous spirit of a Happy Hour.

It’s more than a meal; it’s a moment in time, where taste meets tradition, comfort meets class, and every location welcomes you to savor the best.

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Times In 2024

At Ruth’s Chris, the Happy Hour isn’t confined to a single fleeting moment but gracefully stretches across the week.

From Monday to Friday, and even on Sunday, the golden hours between 4 pm and 7 pm are transformed into an elegant gastronomic event, enveloping you in a world of culinary delights. With the exception of Saturday, this consistent timing ensures that patrons never miss an opportunity to partake in the renowned Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour experience.

It’s not merely a time slot; it’s a timeless tradition.

Happy Hour DaysHappy Hour Times
Monday4 pm to 7 pm
Tuesday4 pm to 7 pm
Wednesday4 pm to 7 pm
Thursday4 pm to 7 pm
Friday4 pm to 7 pm
Sunday4 pm to 7 pm

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Menu In 2024

With a blend of culinary mastery and charmingly affordable rates, Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour menu promises a satisfying feast each day.

Whether it’s the tender Tuna Stack or the delicious Filet and cabernet, tantalizing delights await you from Monday to Sunday, excluding Saturday, at the comfortable price range of $9-$11. And the experience isn’t confined to food alone. A thoughtfully selected range of drinks – from the refreshing Pomegranate Martini to the much-loved 65 & Broad Chardonnay – adds a sparkling touch to each dish. The menu varies, bringing you closer to different exquisite tastes like Spicy Shrimp, Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger, or the irresistible Steak Sandwich.

It’s a promise of delight, embodied in each plate, each sip, elevating the tradition of Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour into a daily celebration of taste and quality.

DayFood & DrinksAverage Price
MondayFood: Tuna Stack, Filet & Cabernet, Steak Sandwich, Filet & Rose
Drinks: Pomegranate Martini, House Mixed Drinks, Rocks Rita, 65 & Broad Chardonnay, Beer
$9 – $11
TuesdayFood: Filet & Rose, Steak Sandwich, Filet & Cabernet, Spicy Shrimp, and Tuna Stack.
Drinks: Rocks Rita, Your Select Beer, 65 & Broad Chardonnay, and Pomegranate Martini.
$9 – $11
WednesdayFood: Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger, Spicy Shrimp, Filet & Cabernet, and Filet & Rose.
Drinks: Rocks Rita, Santa Rita 120 Cabernet, Pomegranate Martini, and Ruth’s Manhattan.
$9 – $11
ThursdayFood: Steak Sandwich, Filet & Cabernet, Spicy Shrimp, and Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger.
Drinks: House Mixed Drinks, Rocks Rita, Ruth’s Manhattan and 65 & Broad Chardonnay.
$9 – $11
FridayFood: Spicy Shrimp, Filet & Cabernet, Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger, and Filet & Rose.
Drinks: 65 & Broad Chardonnay, Rocks Rita, Select Beer, and Pomegranate Martini.
$9 – $11
SundayFood: Steak Sandwich, Filet & Cabernet, Spicy Shrimp, and Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger.
Drinks: House Mixed Drinks, Rocks Rita, Ruth’s Manhattan, and 65 & Broad Chardonnay.
$9 – $11

Ruth’s Chris Food Menu

FoodAverage Price
Spicy Shrimp$11
Tuna Stack$11
Filet & Cabernet$11
Steak Sandwich$11
Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger$11
Filet & Rose$11

Ruth’s Chris Drinks Menu

FoodAverage Price
Ruth’s Manhattan$9
Pomegranate Martini$9
65 & Broad Chardonnay$9
House Mixed Drinks$9
Raspberry Cosmo$9
Santa Rita 120 Cabernet$9
Rocks Rita$9
Select Beer$9

Ruth’s Chris Hours Of Operation

The elegance of premium steaks and the allure of world-class bar experiences beckon you to Ruth’s Chris. A symphony of culinary excellence awaits every day of the week, with operating hours designed to suit the rhythm of your life.

Here’s a concise guide:

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday11 am – 10 pm
Tuesday11 am – 10 pm
Wednesday11 am – 10 pm
Thursday11 am – 10 pm
Friday11 am – 10 pm
Saturday11 am – 10 pm
Sunday12 pm – 9 pm

Open from 11 am to 10 pm on most days, and a slightly altered time on Sunday, the doors of Ruth’s Chris are always inviting. But it’s wise to note, these times may vary by location.

A quick call to your nearby location or a glance at their online store locator will ensure you can seize the moment at this renowned venue without a hitch.

It’s not just a meal; it’s a rendezvous with exceptional taste and hospitality.

History Of Ruth’s Chris

The illustrious history of Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a fascinating tale of ambition, resilience, and culinary artistry. Founded on February 27, 1927, by Chris Matulich in New Orleans, the original Chris Steak House stood as a landmark for 38 years.

Despite changing hands six times during Matulich’s management, it always failed under new ownership, allowing Matulich to repurchase the business. The controversy surrounding the demolition of its iconic awning in April 2022 adds to its rich narrative.

In 1965, Ruth Fertel acquired the steak house, infusing it with family recipes and transforming the dining experience with an all-female wait staff, a unique feat for upscale restaurants of that era. Following a fire in 1976, the name was changed to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

The years between 1976 and 1999 were marked by ambitious expansion and franchising, growing from the first franchise in 1977 to 66 locations by 1998, and achieving an impressive $200 million in annual revenues.

In 1999, a 79.3% interest was sold to Madison Dearborn, though Ruth remained a shareholder until her death. Despite some fluctuations in revenue, the chain expanded.

The restaurant further solidified its presence by becoming a public company in 2005 with a $235 million IPO and moving its headquarters to Florida following Hurricane Katrina. The relocation faced opposition from the Fertel family, with the original flagship location generously donated to Tulane University.

Recent changes and expansion include the acquisition of Mitchell’s Fish Restaurant for $92 million in 2008. Financial struggles led to restructuring and rebranding as Ruth’s Hospitality Group (RHGI) in the same year. The subsequent period saw a noticeable increase in sales and further expansion into cities like Las Vegas, Denver, Albuquerque, Odenton, and Reno.

Through trials and triumphs, Ruth’s Chris Steak House has grown to become a symbol of quality and tradition, echoing the pioneering spirit of its namesake, Ruth Fertel.

FAQs On Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour

1. What Dishes and Drinks Can One Enjoy During Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour?

During Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour, patrons indulge in an expertly curated selection of gourmet food and beverages, which varies by day. From the savory Tuna Stack and Ruth’s Prime Cheeseburger to delightful drinks like the Pomegranate Martini and 65 & Broad Chardonnay, there’s a taste to satisfy every palate. The average price range is from $9 to $11.

2. Is Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Available on Weekends?

Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris is an exclusive weekday treat. The service is available from Monday to Friday, with special offerings for each day. Saturday is an exception where Happy Hour is not applicable, allowing for a unique dining experience.

3. How Does Ruth’s Chris Ensure Quality During Happy Hour?

Quality is at the core of Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour. Each dish, from the Filet & Cabernet to the Spicy Shrimp, is prepared with meticulous attention to detail. The cocktails are crafted with precision, using top-shelf liquors. It’s a harmonious blend of culinary craftsmanship and innovation.

4. Can I Enjoy Happy Hour Specials at All Ruth’s Chris Locations?

While Happy Hour is a celebrated tradition at Ruth’s Chris, it may vary across different locations. It’s wise to check with your nearby Ruth’s Chris Steak House or their official website to discover the specific offerings and times that apply to the chosen location.

5. What’s Unique About Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Menu Compared to Other Steakhouses?

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour offers more than just a meal; it’s an experience. Each dish is a culinary journey, reflecting the rich heritage and unparalleled standards that the brand embodies. From the elegant ambiance to the attentive service, the Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris sets a benchmark, surpassing conventional steakhouse offerings.

In A Nutshell

The pursuit of a perfect evening often leads to the intersection of culinary excellence and impeccable timing. That’s where the concept of Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Times becomes more than just an occasion but an exquisite opportunity.

By aligning the taste buds with a clock that ticks towards flavor and elegance, it offers an extraordinary experience, unmatched in its quality and presentation.

It’s a timely affair where classic meets contemporary, creating a rendezvous with a taste that’s both affordable and luxurious.

The magnetism of the dishes, the craft of the cocktails, and the ambiance of sophistication make it a time worth marking on every gourmet calendar.

This isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s a culinary celebration that occurs at precise moments, and those who partake in it know that the taste of excellence is indeed time-bound.

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